What to do with the videos on your phone

March 19, 2018

It’s time to get the videos off your phone and put them to good use. Here are a few of ways to backup phone videos and ensure that they live on forever:

Transfer videos from your phone to a DVD.

Backup phone videos to a DVD

Back in the good old days, families would gather around the television, pop in a VHS tape, and watch family home videos together.

Over time, you’d think the viewing experience would improve. But it hasn’t. In fact, it’s gotten worse. Because most people record videos on their phone, families have to squint at a tiny screen in order to enjoy their favorite family memories.


Thanks to Yours.co, you can still watch your family home videos on the big screen. We take the videos on your phone and turn them into beautifully edited DVDs – complete with transitions and music. Click here to learn more.


Back your videos up. 

Backup phone videos to a hard drive

Videos take up a lot of space. Clear up room on your phone by backing them up to a new location.

If you want access to your videos from any device, we recommend you use cloud storage. The most popular cloud drive services include AmazonDropBox and Box. Plans typically cost anywhere from $5 – $100 per year (depending on what you need).

If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, and you don’t need unlimited access, then we recommend backing up your files to an external hard drive. Although they are not the most reliable form of backup, external hard drives are great short-term solution for storing your videos.

Post your videos on social media.

Backup phone videos to social media

Why not share your memories with your family and friends?

If you want to get the videos off your phone and in a place where everyone can easily enjoy them, social media is the perfect solution. Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo are all excellent sites for video uploading and sharing.

Before your post any videos of your children online, make sure you understand who is going to be able to view your videos. If you are worried about strangers viewing footage of your kids, make sure to set your videos to private.

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