This app will turn your iPhone videos into a DVD

August 21, 2018

An app that can turn your iPhone videos into a DVD? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. The app not only turns the videos on your phone into a DVD, it also edits them together and adds cool transitions and music.

Interested? Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Open the App Store

Pro tip – it’s that little blue icon on your phone that has an “A” on it.

Step 2: Search for “”

Tap the search icon and type in “”. Tap on “ video maker & editor” and the app will pop up first.

Step 3: Download the app

Tap on the “GET” button and wait for the magic to happen.

Step 4: Sign up for an account

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us. Signing up for an account is easy. Plug in your email address, a password, and name, and you’re good to go!

Step 5: Select your favorite photos and videos

Once you’ve created an account, you can begin creating your first Magic Movie. Tap on “Get Started” to choose the videos and photos you to include on your DVD.

Step 6: Put in your address and payment information

For a limited time, you can get your first Magic Movie for only $9.99. Say whaaaaat?! Yep, you heard that right. Get this awesome introductory price while it lasts!

Step 7: Turn your iPhone videos into a DVD

Once you’ve submitted your media and payment information, your work is done, and it’s our turn to shine. We’ll take all your memories and edit them into a masterpiece.

Step 7: Receive your DVD in the mail

Did we mention that our DVDs are archive-grade quality? That means it’ll pretty much last forever. These aren’t your grandma’s DVDs. (However, you should totally buy your grandma a copy of your Magic Movie. She’d love it.)

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