The best accessories for taking high-quality video with your phone

April 23, 2018

Most smartphones take pretty good video. But why settle for “pretty good” when you can have awesome? If you want to take high-quality video with your camera phone, check out these cool accessories:

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1. Ring Light

Stop waiting for good lighting – make good lighting. With a ring light, you can take video wherever and whenever you want. This LED attachment sits around your camera and shines directly at the subject, enhancing the video quality and visibility of the shot.

Ring Light Camera Phone Accessory

Source: Amazon

We recommend this ring light by Qiaya (a #1 best seller on Amazon). It has three levels of brightness, so you can get the best lighting for whatever situation you’re in. If you’re not completely satisfied, they’ll give you your money back. (But we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.)

2. Lavalier Microphone

What did you say? I can’t hear you.

With a lavalier microphone, you can ensure that everything your subject says is recorded loud and clear. They’re especially handy for interviews and live video. These microphones are so small, you can attach them to someone’s lapel, and they’re hardly noticeable.

Lavalier Microphone Cell Phone Accessory

Source: Amazon

We recommend this lavalier microphone from PoP Voice (it’s also Amazon’s top choice as well). This highly-rated accessory is noise cancelling, omnidirectional, and comes with an extra-long attachment cord.

3. Tripod

It’s hard to watch video that bounces all over the place. Keep your shots steady with a tripod. It’s also a great accessory to have if you want to get in the video, but you don’t want to use a selfie stick.

Tripod Camera Accessories

Source: Amazon

We recommend this portable tripod from Ubeesize. We like it because it easily transportable, and it includes a camera adapter, remote, and clip.

4. Camera Lens Kit

Similar to buying lenses for DSLR cameras, you can purchase additional camera lenses for smartphones. These tiny lenses make it easier to take enhanced and visually interesting videos.

Lens Cell Phone Camera Accessories

Source: Amazon

We recommend AMIR’s camera lens kit. It includes super wide angle (expands the view), fisheye (180° degree), and micro (detailed close-ups) lenses.