How to edit videos on your iPhone

June 29, 2018

You don’t need a fancy camera and professional editing software to produce great video. You can film, edit and publish movies straight from your phone. If you want to turn your favorite family memories into a beautiful masterpiece, here how to edit videos on your iPhone:

Edit Videos on Your iPhone

Unfortunately, iPhones only come with one built-in video editing tool – trimming. Here is a quick tutorial to show you how you can shorten your videos:

If you want to make additional edits to your video, you’ll need to download a video editing app.

Manual Video Editing Apps

To download a video editing app on to your iPhone, go to the App Store, search for “video editor”, select the app you would like to download, and tap “Get”. (You may need to type in your Apple ID password to begin the download.)

Most video editing apps are free to download and use, but offer in-app purchases for additional features and functionality. Here is a quick list of features to look for when selecting an app:

  • Trim, split or combine clips
  • Add music, sound effects, text and titles
  • Adjust the display and add filters
  • Slow down or speed up the video or audio
  • Rotate, resize or reverse

If you’re not sure which app to choose, here are a few recommendations:

If you want complete control over your edits, manual video editing apps are the best choice.

Edit video on your iPhone

Automatic Video Editing Apps

Editing videos does not have to be complicated.

If you don’t want to spend hours tinkering with your videos and learning how to use complicated apps, consider using an automatic video editor.

Instead of making the edits yourself, you simply choose the videos and photos that you want included in your movie, and the app does the editing for you. is one of the best automatic video editing apps on the market. Funded on Kickstarter in less than 24-hours, this app takes your favorite family memories and turns them into a professionally edited video (or “magic movie”) that you can watch on DVD or stream to your smart TV.

Click here to learn more about and download the app.