First day of school chalkboard printable

August 22, 2018

And just like that, summer is over, and it’s time for school to begin again.

Whether you’re sobbing as you drop your baby off to kindergarten or watching in horror as your junior drives off to high school, why is the first day always kind of emotional?

Maybe it’s because you’re worried about what the day might bring. Will they make friends? Will they make the right choices? Will they remember what you’ve taught them?

Or maybe, it’s the fact that they’re growing up, and you can’t slow it down, no matter how hard you try.

Whatever it may be, you’ve got this, momma. And it’s going to be another great year. The days go slow, and the years go fast. So hold on to every moment and don’t let them pass you by.

We’ve created these first day of school chalkboard printable signs to help you remember their special day. (Fingers crossed that it’s a good one!)

Click on the image to download and print out the PDF. After you take your child’s picture, make sure to include it in your next Magic Movie, so you can enjoy it on DVD for many years to come:

   First day of school chalkboard printable First day of school chalkboard printableFirst day of school chalkboard printable

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