The most important thing you need to do on the last day of school

June 5, 2018

Don’t blink.

Even though you’re exhausted from all the end of the school year festivities (and excited that you don’t have to pack another lunch until September), one day you’re going to wake up and your baby will graduate from high school, and it’ll feel like the past 18 years went by in about a minute.

Yeah, it goes that fast.

Before you secretly throw out the 1,324 art projects your kids brought home and start packing for your first trip, take a couple minutes to document this moment, because it’ll never be back again.

Interviewing your child on the last day of school is a great way remember the year. It’s a fun way to capture their cute, little personalities and all their favorite memories. It’ll be something they’ll enjoy and cherish for many years to come.

Here is a printable with some sample questions that you can use (click here to download):

Here are a couple examples of last day of Kindergarten interviews:

Once you’ve finished filming the interview on your phone, make sure to upload it to the app, and we’ll turn it into a DVD for your family to enjoy for many years to come.