Reviews the M-DISC

Wednesday, 18 July, 2012

One of the challenges we face is helping consumers overcome the initial reaction and disbelief they experience when they first learn about the durability and longevity boasted by the M-DISC. Once past that hurdle, our customers are overwhelmingly satisfied and impressed. This is one of the major reasons we heartily welcome “real world” reviews from customers and the tech community, the results speak for themselves and we get to forego that hated statement, “just trust us.”

That being said, we’re excited to share a new review of the M-DISC from MyCE is a community driven website that focuses on consumer electronics, gadgets, and technology; it’s also a wonderful resource for in depth reviews and hands-on input from real customers. In this article they put our disc to the test, checking for burn quality and compatibility. Check out an example of the results below and be sure to visit MyCE and read the review.

“Both scans on both drives are showing some impressive results, the burn quality of the MDISC on the LG BP40NS20 can only be taken as excellent.”