Millenniata and RITEK Announce M-DISC Manufacturing Agreement

Monday, 11 June, 2012

Millenniata and RITEK Announce M-DISC Manufacturing Agreement

Expands Availability of True Permanent Storage Around the World

Millenniata today announced it has entered a manufacturing and license agreement with RITEK Corporation, the leading manufacturer of optical storage media in the world, to manufacture M-DISC™ optical discs.

“We are pleased to have RITEK join our M-DISC consortium of global partners who will help create a new data storage category centered on providing permanent storage to the masses,” said Paul Brockbank, Millenniata CEO. “RITEK’s manufacturing strength and expertise will help us meet the growing demand for the M-DISC.”

RITEK will begin manufacturing M-DISCs utilizing the technology and specifications of Millenniata. The RITEK manufactured M-DISCs will be available through Millenniata’s global sales and distribution channels, bringing permanent storage to a growing global user base.

“In a growing digital world, that until now has yet to find a true permanent storage solution, we believe M-DISC will define now and for the future how data will be used and preserved for generations,” said Gordon Yeh, CEO of RITEK Group. “It is an honor to be a manufacturing partner for M-DISC with Millenniata.”

Whether for music, photos, videos, genealogical records, business records, data loss prevention, permanent file backup, medical imaging, government or archive, M-DISC provides permanent storage by literally etching data into a rock-like material. The M-DISC will not degrade over time and is usable on a daily basis.


RITEK is known for its brand, dedication to quality and pursuit of perfect products. It is the only optical disc manufacturer listed as Top 100 Taiwanese Brands by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In Taiwan, RITEK is the leader in its industry. We will continue to seek excellence and provide premier and comprehensive products and services to consumers.

About Millenniata

Millenniata’s patented technology is the world’s first permanent digital storage solution and is composed of the M-DISC™ and M-DISC compatible drives. The M-DISC is the first backward compatible non-dye based DVD optical technology constructed of inorganic materials that are known to last centuries. M-DISC compatible drives are a high quality optical drive specifically designed to laser-etch digital information onto the M-DISC. This combination allows information to be written once and read over time and offers the best permanent data storage solution in the world.

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Monday, 4 June, 2012

In an age where everything is digital, it is important to know there is a permanent way to store your information for generations. M-DISC is now available at your local Fry’s Electronics retail store! M-DISC is a new kind of optical disc where data – photos, music, personal records, files, just about anything digital – is permanently engraved onto a durable, rock-like substance. It is permanent storage for our digital age. M-DISC is also available nationwide through the Fry’s website and you can see those options by clicking here.