M-DISC Review from a Small Business Owner

Friday, 13 April, 2012

We recently received an email from a small business owner who wanted to share his review and recount the story that lead him to using the M-DISC as his method for backup. With his permission we’ve posted his review below. If you’ve also started using the M-DISC and would like to share your review, please email us at [email protected] We value the comments and feedback of our customers and community members.


Video Roundup

Monday, 2 April, 2012

Hello all, we wanted to roundup all the recent videos about Millenniata and our technology so that we have one centralized location. These are great videos and well worth your time. First up is the NCIX Tech Tips video where the M-DISC technology gets reviewed. They do a good job of explaining why our disc is different from other discs and how that helps to preserve your data for 1000 years. Next, we have the comical “Futuristic CDs!” video by SPFV. It’s fun and light hearted but makes some good considerations. Then we have the video from the recent LG show in Germany. Unfortunately the video is in German but the visuals are still nice! Then there’s the KSL 5 video. This is a bit more in depth and a great watch if you don’t fully understand why our M-DISCs have such a long lifespan. Finally, this last video is a short one from Marketing Trend News. It’s not all about us so you may have to skim it.